Ana Teresa Bello is a carioca, a traveler and a spectator. Looking at the world, the cities and their people, she is moved by images and strives to eternize them in frames to share with the world. One must walk around, but one must also sit still. Be quiet. Since she started to take photography serious, Ana has travelled to Iceland, Japan and many cities in her native Brazil, in a silent search for something she cannot name, and which resulted in most of the series presented here. Her vast experience as an interior designer has helped her develop her gaze and think of the angles in a very precise way, so much so that she seldom crops a picture. The idea is to freeze a moment in all its power, delicacy and impact – the way it really is. After being selected for a Magnum workshop that took place in Rio in March 2015, Ana was able to improve her skills even further, and to develop her defining characteristic, which is to always create a narrative within her pictures, a space where others can fill in the blanks with their own feelings. What is outside reflecting what is inside. To see you need first to feel.